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One blog to rule them all

So I’ve finally decided to stop using all the other social networks (details will come later). It hasn’t been easy but I realised one thing: I can’t be everywhere (even though technology somehow allows it).

I’ve found myself many times  sharing the same content here and there, different versions, different languages. It not only takes a lot of time, but it sometimes turns out to be quite irrelevant. 

So in order to make things easier: one site, one place. Look no more.


A few changes

Hi, I’ll get rid of a bunch of blogs I created a few years ago. I’ve realized that I’ve been spending too much time on them. Blogging can be very time-consuming, especially these days, when the information is accessible almost everywhere.

Let’s just say that I urgently need a “blogging purge” to concentrate on the important stuff.



After almost two long years of designing, defining and trying out different concepts, I can finally say that most of my internet projects (blogs and websites) are ready. During all this time, what I have learned is the importance of finding the right connection between content, platform and audience.